Words about Mother of God:

  • Rosolie’s solo adventures in the heart of the Amazon jungle, up close and personal with giant anacondas and jaguars, are gripping. And his dedication to preserving one of the earth’s last wildernesses is where he really sets himself apart. Mother of God is an awe-inspiring read.

    Bear Grylls
    Bear GryllsAdventurer and Writer
  • An extraordinary book…His vivid writing immerses you in his adventures as he explores an ancient pristine forest where no white man has been, where he encounters amazing creatures, and experiences the relentless power of untamed nature…There are parts that will haunt you, scenes you will never forget.

    Jane Goodall
    Jane GoodallPhD and UN Messenger of Peace
  • A great adventure with a great and enduring point: we simply must protect these last, vast slices of the planet that still work the way they’re supposed to.

    Bill McKibben
    Bill McKibbenEnvironmentalist, author, and journalist.
  • Thanks to fastidious journal-keeping that preserved a wealth of detail and emotion, Rosolie delivers an old-fashioned jungle adventure, one with rare immediacy and depth of feeling for the people and creatures he encounters.

    The Wall Street Journal
    The Wall Street Journal